Cupcake Affair

We enjoy food and cupcakes are part of the food group that makes me happy and enjoy. If you’re around the city of Zürich and have a craving for sweets then it is a must to try the cupcakes at Cupcake Affair located in the old town.


If you can’t decide which cupcake you want to try then you can have the cupcake of the day. You could also buy mini cupcakes if you want to have a selection but not too much to fill you up. I’m a fan of red velvet whereas hubby takes blueberry. They’re soft and moist and the creamy is creamy. Just how I like it.


The shop itself uses the old cupcakes to decorate for the following day which I find practical since they don’t need to invest so much on decor.


Their layout is sweet and cute just like their cupcakes.



Their packaging, if you want your cupcakes to-go, is a cute, little handcarry box with their logo that holds your cupcake perfectly.


As you can see, our cupcakes are chilling by the river and enjoying a bit of sunlight until they get home to be gobbled up.

No lazy wednesday ❤

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