To Love Repetto


If there is anything I’ve learned about clothes and shoes it’s that I buy what not only looks good but also that it lasts and is something that can be used when the season comes again.


This is what I like about Repetto. Whether I wear high heels or ballet flats, they’re comfortable, dressy, classy, simply perfect. I can get the ultimate basic design and yet you would know that it is a Repetto. My hair stylist, Giulliano certainly noticed and recognized it hence the discovery of the one place that sells it here in Switzerland. Hail Maison Julie! You are a life saver.


When it comes to clothing and shoes, I like that they have a dual purpose. Good for working as well as going out. Again, another reason to like Repetto. You may think I would have worn out my shoes but the life span of these babies are incredibly long that this would be the 3rd year since I’d bought them.


As you can see, they’re day time and night time friendly too! My closet and rack will always have a place for Repetto. Unless their quality changes (which I hope doesn’t) then I may have to look for a new Repetto.

All the best to everyone and enjoy your Monday!

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