Ice Ice Baby

Another summer post indeed. As part of the keep cool reminders, I have another way of keeping myself from exploding in this heat aside from adding extra shower times in my free days. If you remember my motivational posts for when I was cheerleading and still playing competitive volleyball? It’s basically the same trick. I watch series and/or movies that have anything to do with “ice,” “snow,” and just keeping cool but not burning in the summer heat. image On my watch list is Fairy Tail what with Gray and Juvia. I could also include One Piece because of Aokiji but he’s rarely in the episodes anyway and forget the fillers because they take too long. Most of us have heard and/or seen Elsa especially the song “Let It Go”. Well here I stand because I would watch that scene and sing along to it and the ironic song of Olaf, “In Summer”. Meet Me in St. Louis isn’t a bad choice either since it starts out set in summertime and then follows the rest of the seasons. “The Trolley Song,” is always the best sing-a-long  from this film. From Judy Garland to Liza Minnelli in Cabaret. Do you have a summer anthem? My playlist consists of Kokomo, Africa, Come On Eileen, In the Summertime, Asereje, Ice Ice Baby, Karma Chameleon, Blue (Da Ba Dee), Fool Me Too, On Top of the World, Sur Le Fil, Balada, Island in the Sun, French Cancan, Cheerleader, Elle Me Dit, and Au Revoir. A mix of my “Back in Time” and “Travel” playlists in Spotify. image Going back to our sense of sight, our mobile and/or desktop wallpapers also affect us. I’ve changed mine to Frappuccino’s, ice cream, and even those colorful and decorative gummy bears.

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