Jurassic World Movie Review

I’m pretty sure I’m not the first to tell or be read saying that sequels do not live up to the first. Except of Lord of the Rings of course. The magic and charm of Jurassic Park was lost in The Lost World and in Jurassic Park III. My frequently asked questions whenever I hear about sequels and re-makes coming up regard my concern to the storyline of the first film, the cast overview, and after seeing the trailer and already formed somewhat of an opinion I will have made a number of follow up questions specific to the film. After countless eyebrow raising and ever-growing skepticism, we finally watched it and can now give you my inner-most thoughts of Jurassic World.

The story starts out when the park has already been functioning for several years and that its customer base has been regular. However, I don’t see the supposedly unhappy customers that wanted dinos to be bigger, scarier, and have more teeth. If you’ve spotted it then let me know what scene it is because I might have missed it from blinking. Just like in any other business, what the customer wants they usually get. Therefore, they created Indominous Rex whose genetic make up consists of a T. Rex’s and others that in the end we see that the traits and characteristics of whatever it is made up of are adapted and since  I. Rex is a new dinosaur, she is supposed to be under observation because the scientists can’t predict everything that she can do.

She is born and raised inside a cage and has no idea of what it looks like on the outside. No idea what she is or where she stands upon seeing other dinosaurs which means she will only do what she can and that is to defend herself at the cost of actually killing the others. The brachiosaurus’ death scene was a bit too long for an emotional reaction though.

I kept on looking around to see if anyone else’s eyes were still glued to the same picture or fiddling with their 3D glasses because that’s how long it is. It turns out not only is I. Rex capable of surviving outside her cage but is intelligent enough to trick her captors into thinking she escaped. One of her qualities also help to make that plan successful too which I find impressive.

Yes it is still fictional but that fairy tale element of enemies working together to defeat a common enemy? The raptors fight against I. Rex to save humans? T. Rex and the raptor do not have a fight off? I thought that because of the music score of the T. Rex scene mean’t something big was happening. T. Rex and I. Rex would finally have an epic battle but not even the ending could redeem the image of the once majestic and powerful T. Rex. The mosasaurus appears to be the strongest in the end but with limited power as it needs to be in water.

I couldn’t get over the Starbucks and Samsung product placements. As soon as I saw the first Starbucks cup with the full-leaf tea string and label sticking out, I was already eyeing out for more. I didn’t really expect to see a scene showing the store but what more-than-good money spent would be if your own store wasn’t showing in the latest blockbuster. Thanks to Samsung, everyone in the film was equipped with the phone, the tablet, the smartwatch, or the park itself with both the tablets and tv’s. The Visitor Center, a place where everyone can go and learn more about the dinosaurs is geared with these fun gadgets like the Holoscape and other holograms to play around with as part of the park’s funtertainment experience.

Here’s another take on what dinosaurs are good for, military defense purposes. If you can control them, use them. Sounds like their motto. Forget that the dinosaurs are alive and have feelings too, they’re tools. Indeed they find I. Rex but I think it has more to do with a connection in their genetic make up as opposed to being trained like security dogs. Hence, it was easier for them to change their minds about who their real alpha is. Game of Thrones is not afraid of featuring deaths and bloodbath, why should Jurassic World?

I got the feeling that the female characters are rather shallow or lacking substance. Claire is career-wired hence the disconnection with her sister’s family but forgets to see the bigger picture of what they think they are giving their customers. Zara, well you rarely see her, hear her, or know anything at all about her other than what she looks like, what she’s wearing, and that she’s attached to her phone.

Kids will be kids. Zach and Gray are Claire’s nephews who are sent to the park by their parents as they work their divorce settlement. Gray listens to his older brother despite being a smart kid himself kind of like Tim Murphy in Jurassic Park. Zach, I believe already hit the age wherein any decision he makes is a good decision despite their consequences. However, Zach still acts like a protective brother even though his attention span at the beginning were of a fly’s wherein as soon as an attractive girl appeared, Gray’s words seem to fade as if out of earshot.

Masrani, Jurassic World’s owner is like a mix of Hammond and Malcolm. “Spared no expense” and to some extent has the feels for the dinosaurs. However, you couldn’t take out the business man inside of him given that Dr. Wu mentions how it was Masrani who asked for the bigger, scarier, and more teeth dino. In the film, he’s supposed to get his license to fly a helicopter in 2 days but after already seeing how he can’t properly fly it, I wonder why they still had him fly it until his death in the end. I find it ridiculous that in the whole park and even with the military already around, he was the last hope to fly it? The scene was bollywood-like that I have no idea anymore if he will start singing and dancing. I consider him as one of the overpowered characters.

Speaking of the military, Hoskins, is the character that brings up the idea that the velociraptors can be used as weapons given that they can be controlled. He reminds us of the blood-sucking lawyer in Jurassic Park in terms of their ability to see only their benefits and not the consequences, and we know how they end up.

Lowery is somewhat a likeable character since he brings the humor onto the film. A bit of laughter wouldn’t hurt even if the film is mean’t to be an action, adventure, sci-fi, and thriller. I find it amusing that not only did he get his Jurassic Park t-shirt from ebay but that he has dinosaur figures on his desk.

Dr. Wu is back and I believe he’s kept alive for another film and yes I am speculating whether or not his genius will be used to create another functioning park or for the military where he would sell his services and probably his soul. Only he should be innovating on dinosaurs because if he doesn’t then someone else will. Yes it’s been how many years since Jurassic Park III but at least you see that he naturally aged which I believe helps reduce the costs for costumes and make up on his character.

However, the character that did get a lot of hype or at least his bike did after finding out in the news that the brand of the bike sold out its units because of the film is Owen. The fake daddy of the inbred raptors, a hero, and if I were 16 again and watching in a room full of Twilight girls, they would have swooned all over again but he looks more over rated than he should’ve been. If Robert Muldoon in Jurassic Park tried to appear like he was a hottie, pumping up his arms and forgets his legs, then I would think the dino people have the same character. But no, Both Muldoon and Roland (Jurassic Park II) are similar that even if they do not talk as much as Owen, what they say will hit hard and caution will be a must from then on.

If I were to actually go to the park, I would choose to ride the gyrosphere, go to the petting zoo, and see the Mosasaurus wherein the stage also goes down for the audience to see what is happening under water. The Visiting Center also looks neat but not as much as the lab. Do you remember that security and safety issue in Jurassic Park wherein the guests could easily leave the vehicle? Well, it turns out Zach and Gray have full control of the gyrosphere and are able to go to the restricted area. It might just be me but wouldn’t they have already learned about contingency planning that in case something like this happened and people in gyrospheres would not only be called back into the park but with a press of a button or two would force command these sphere back if the people don’t listen. If only they brought back not only Mr. DNA but even the Hammond’s grand children Lex and Tim or even the all time “Hold on to your butts” and “Life finds a way” lines that one ceases to forget since watching it as a kid. “Spared no expense” was mentioned as a reference but the feeling I had once was not there.


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