Into the Woods Movie Review

Into the Woods is a musical film that interlaps the Borthers Grimm fairy tales Cinderella (Anna Kendrick), Little Red Riding Hood (Lilla Crawford), Rapunzel, and Jack (Daniel Huttlestone) and the Beanstalk. The twist is that it is the journey of a baker and his wife who found out from the witch, the curse that fell onto his family. In order to break that curse, he must bring her a cow as white as milk, a cape red as blood,

The way Lilla Crawford sang brought me back to the time when I first saw Annie. Her song in the scene after the baker had sliced open Mr. Wolf’s stomach and thus freeing Red and her grandmother reminded me of It’s the Hard-knock Life from Annie.

Emily Blunt has been a favorite actress of mine ever since I first saw her act in The Devil Wears Prada. Although I did enjoy watching her play a snobbish character, I admire that she’s able to adapt different personas in her acting. Even in this film as the baker’s wife longing for a child of their own but the fact that she commands continues to surface in every role. In this particular part that gave it away is that she tells her husband that she will go with him and help him retrieve the objects for the witch even if it is not a safe task.

Who can forget Daniel Huttlestone? Remembering him from Les Mis and how he passed away still crushes my heart but I recognized his voice and face as soon as I saw him playing Jack and it rekindled that happy feeling whenever I hear him sing.

Another favorite who also played in The Devil Wears Prada and Mamma Mia is none other than Meryl Streep who can play any part be it protagonist or antagonist. Her make up and costume as a beautiful witch glued my eyes onto the screen. Although it is a bit too dark for my taste, she was hypnotizing.

This is probably the first movie that I’ve seen Anna Kendrick sing. I’ve seen her in other movies like Twilight, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Up in the Air, Pitch Perfect, and even knew that she was a guest voice in Family Guy and also was the voice for Courtney in the animated film, ParaNorman. However, to watch her sing was a new experience and for someone I thought who played the same role in different movies, she wasn’t a let down in this one.

This film is worth a watch if you can stand all the singing like I do since I watched it just for that. The story is simple but how the characters’ lives are woven together is what makes it more interesting.


  1. I almost forgot to watch this! Kinda excited to see all those tales used in the movie and same here, Emily Blunt is also my favorite actress. I only properly knew her in Edge of Tomorrow and yes, she could totally adapt into different characters so well. Quite shocked how natural she is in comedic character as well. Lol, each detail of the actor that you have written is just impressive. Anna Kendrick was in Twilight?? I don’t even realize/remember it!

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