Customer Feedback

When it comes to customer service (CS), I tend to have interesting stories to tell friends, knowing where I work but when I’m the customer tended on, I’m curious how I am in their eyes. Am I also another customer that the staff rolls their eyes on when they come? Am I the subject of their backroom stories? Or do I leave them thinking that there are bearable customers that make their day. Of course I hope for the third but then again, I haven’t had the need to regularly call for the assistance of CS.

It’s not that I’m a do-gooder or a saint, but at times I do feel the need to compliment or lift the mood of the person assisting me. I can imagine how they feel having served several people in a day before me and then here I come. Hubby and I were eating at the Migros restaurant a few days ago since laziness took over us in terms of cooking. I tried the burger which I usually say “no” since they tend to be small but compensated with lots of fries. I observed how they were cooking it and you could tell that he practically put his heart and soul into it by the way he was cooking. Not in a Gordon Ramsay sort of way but his eyes were definitely glued to the grill.

The first bite was great, juicy on the inside and was complemented by the sauce. Although the fries were a bummer, the burger was more than enough because I ordered the Double Burger. In the end, I went back to him before we left to tell him that he cooked the patty perfectly.

I have really nice customers who do the same at my store and we really do appreciate their appreciation of our work. Not exactly a coffee master of the century but still working on it. Looking forward to the day I can also make One Piece and Pokemon coffee art then I think my work would be done.


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