Hair Removal Routine

As part of our body care, we ladies have our needs especially when it comes to removing body hair. We go through this routine several times a year whether we do it at home or in hair-removal clinics. Although mine can hardly be seen since my hair is actually thin, it is still somewhat visible that I do feel uncomfortable at times and therefore have had to try out different methods to find the most I am comfortable with.

Since moving to Switzerland, I no longer go to clinics and instead do it myself at home. I chose waxing because not only does it remove hair and takes around 3 to 6 weeks until it grows back but it also gets rid of dead skin cells. I can understand if you can’t even imagine yourself doing it but you do get used to it. Waxing can be done anywhere on the body which includes your face, underarms, legs, arms, and bikini area.

However, waxing can also lead to redness and bumps or even infections but I haven’t experienced these side effects myself so I guess I got lucky with that. The best I could do for my body in order to avoid such incidents from taking place as I know now that my skin is not as sensitive to require a specific method of hair removal but also to prevent ingrown hairs, I still need a waxing routine.

Normally, waxing after a warm shower I find is the optimal time for me to wax because then the hairs would be softened enough and would hurt less when they’re pulled out. I use the Veet wax strips which is easy to use and it comes with wipes as well for the wax that stubbornly sticks to your skin even though you’ve pulled the strip off already. It leaves your skin sticky-free and soothes it.

Hubby on the other hand prefers to use the hair removal cream also a product from Veet wherein a tube contains 100ml of the cream and it comes with a spatula in order to scrape off the hair. It is one of the least painful ways of hair removal but since it only takes off the top of the hair that can be seen and the root isn’t pulled out unlike when waxing, you can expect about 3 days time at least until the hair grows back. It could also depend on how fast your hair grows but if you’re fine with having it for a few days time then it is a possible, painless option.


Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Body scrubs are great for exfoliation as it leaves your skin glowing as it removes dead skin cells that contribute to dull looking skin, it reduces  the appearance of cellulite, combats acne, and they stimulate the skin which causes an increase in circulation. I use the Ultra Rich Body Scrub from L’Occitane which is “creamy base, enriched with shea butter (10%) appricot oil and finely ground nutshells.”

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