Lunches and Gaming with Besties

Yesterday’s lunch was a treat. A spontaneous day out with my buddy for a quick lunch in a Malaysian restaurant called My Kitchen before we met up again in Guild Wars 2. It is located in Oerlikon for those of you who do live in Zürich which is a 7 minute train ride from Zürich HB and then a 5 minute walk to the restaurant from the station in Oerlikon.

gw091We created Asura characters this time and tryied them out since before hubby and I left for Manila, we used the Sylvari. Mine is a guardian which I just found out that only that profession will have that blue flame on the skills which I find pretty cool but I don’t know why only the guardians have it though.

We really are besties because we’re completing our stories which we eventually realized that they were exactly the same and so we didn’t have to do the same mission twice to help the other anymore. Today we’ll be using our level 80 characters in order to play dungeons.

Also today, hubby and I will be playing Halo. We’re getting a second controller for the Xbox One so that we can play together. Looking forward to such a nice day. As it is sunny again, hubby and I are having a quick lunch out to catch some sun before we keep in our cave and start gaming.

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