Classic Confections PH


Something I really missed was the mini cupcakes I used to buy back at Greenbelt 5. The day hubby and I took my cousins to the mall for a hangout and bonding time, I decided to get our snacks from there after playing at Timezone.I was worried that the shop wouldn’t be there anymore since many come and go or transfer to another part of the mall because they’re expanding but to my luck it was still there.

However, we couldn’t get the mini cupcakes at the time because they now only make them upon order and so you have no choice other than to get the regular size which is 3x the size of the mini’s, I think… Nevertheless, they’re still as amazing as I remembered which is why hubby and I decided to pre-order a dozen mini’s to be picked up the day before our flight back to Switzerland. You won’t believe how careful and cautious I was carrying that box but it was totally worth it. That creamy frosting and the cupcake itself wasn’t dry at all.

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