Hand-Carry Essentials

If you’re a planner like me, you’d probably be going crazy thinking about what clothes you’ll need (if you’re shopping for clothes to bring back), how much money you need to convert (including exchange rates), what places you want to see or restaurants to try (especially if you’re showing someone who has never been there), and the full programme of the trip (hotels and other accomodations).

Despite all these concerns, I want to concentrate on What to bring? that could be generalized and here they are.

Pocket wifi (w/ local sim card)

Portable charger (can be used for multiple devices like cameras and phones especially)

Pocket Folder (to hold your travel documents like bookings and passports)

Hand Sanitizer

Pen and Notepad (remember Steve from Blue’s Clues? Having these 2 items ready has been a life saver for me whenever I needed to remember things that you obviously don’t just trust your memory up to the last minute. I usually take my agenda with me but it is bulky and so I take the notepad and pen that’s inside in order to reduce that bulkiness and what I have to carry with me.)

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