Birthday Wishes


Despite having the first day of my finals exactly the same as my birthday, I am surprised at how well it actually went although the start was a bit rough since I was still revising even on my way to school. The best part of course was after the exams, spending some time with my friends and classmates since after this week, I will no longer be having classes or seeing most of them.


20150316_145029 20150316_145036

I definitely don’t feel older and because I know that I’m almost done with uni, I feel even more younger since I can make time for gaming again. Thanks to one of my awesome buddies who gifted me a game on Steam, I have more choices now that I will have more time to spare and enjoy my soon-to-exist freedom.


As far as the Mystery Present goes, hubby not only got me The Lord of the Rings Trilogy DVD extended edition but also a glass of prosecco, hubby kneeling down on one knee and asking me, “Will you be my Lady of the Rings?” Of course I will! A true fan of LOTR. Maybe I’ll do an Arwen cosplay post one time after the trip. What do you think?



Overall, one of the best birthdays, given that I remembered it on the day, I’ve ever had. It would have been better to have more of my family around as well but the time will come, soon…

2015-03-16 17.00.25





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