The “Cleopatra Bob”

A little heads up for you my dear readers/viewers. You’ll be seeing more scheduled posts as I will be away spending a deserved trip to Manila with my hubby but feel free to stop by as you wish.

2015-02-26 16.21.51

As part of my pre-trip prep, I already know that we’re going at the hottest time of the year so a big decision was made to cut my hair  really short after letting it grow so long for at least 7 years since the last time I had it cut short. If you recall one of my Instagram posts wherein my hair stylist, Juliano, from Room of Design and I took a wefie, once again I went back to him but this time for a completely and long-termish new look. Noting the summer season, I decided to have it above-the-shoulders short, hence the Cleo Bob hairstyle. He gave me options because there are varations but I think this option is the best. There are times when I have second thoughts about having bangs but apparently the French Smile is the way to go since it not only balances the depth of features from my crown to my neck but it highlights the best features of my face which of course are my eyes and the length of my hair for my jawline and neck.

2015-02-26 16.19.38

Whenever you want to do something with your hair that is completely new to you and you don’t have an actual stylist, consult one anyway. They understand the condition of your hair, maybe from the last style you can’t make the new one happen until you’ve let it grow enough to make your new style. Or even that your hair is damaged due to varying weather conditions that you need to treat it first in order to have the outcome you desired. Even better, upon asking him if the style fits my face structure, and my overall look he made it even better, hence the options he gave me.

2015-02-26 16.18.31

They are a really big help when you want to make a change. Even with skin care it helps to consult a professional because you could end up purchasing the wrong products instead of what your skin really needs. It is the same for hair care. I work in the F&B industry, and even more I work with food handling, which means I actually limit the styles I can do with my hair. Having long hair it must be completely up otherwise there would be a hygiene issue when we are controlled. Also there should be a professional image to uphold at Sbux so nothing too fancy either. I’m not working 100% capacity since I’m still in school so I still want to look good outside work style limitations.

2015-02-26 16.14.50

Time is another issue, it might be that I have an early shift and then I had an evening class the day before that my study hours and hubby hours in-between are cut short just for me to wake up early enough to prep myself before leaving for work. Too much hassle, right? but that’s mostly the case and my concern on a weekly basis. These details are also key information for your stylist because then he or she knows or understands what you need and what can make you happy and less if not hassle-free. So the next cut, style or color you decide to do with your hair, try consulting first. You might be surprised at how much you don’t really know about hair care and maintenance as you should. Not all but there will be.

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