Swiss Moto ’15

18276_1412922382342263_3992800032825197145_nI made a quick visit to my fellow sbux partners working at the event and had a chance to try these babies. Yes I don’t know much about cars or motor bikes other than how they look, and yes they looked sexy hence the photo op. The best part of the day is that I haven’t seen them since I transferred to another store. Despite having to work on the same day, my shift gave me enough time to chill with them and catch up before starting.

1723405_1412922252342276_453574324108259614_n10991120_1412942945673540_1044504656257695147_n 10994171_1412922305675604_6210309903898444105_n 10995850_1412922332342268_6735870069530174032_n 11006469_1412942919006876_1624668122578590421_n

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