Life Planner


This is probably the 3rd planner since the beginning of this year that I’ve started using but I think I’m sticking to this one since I’ve personalized it to my liking. What could be better than something I made myself? Every time I look for ready-to-use planners in stores I find it more difficult to choose one since I can be very picky either with design, layout, and whatnot.IMG_0495

I decided to embark on this project despite the fact that shopping for supplies still cost more for someone on a budget like me living here in Switzerland, especially to decorate my planner to give it that same sparkle as my personality.IMG_0496 I had to purchase most items on top of what I had already like the stickers, which by the way were also limited in design, Washi tape, Post-its (flag, speech, arrow, square), filing strips, binder, agenda filler, pocket envelope, and dividers (which I could have made myself but did not have enough scrapbook paper at home).



I did manage to make my own journaling cards simply by saving Tumblr photos I Googled and liked. I inserted them onto the cells of a table in a Word document. Hit print, then cut and paste. I thought of adding some inspirational, motivational, and funny quotes onto each card and left the back blank for me to write on.2015-02-12 22.26.01

I think the best part of making my own journaling cards is that I would probably be more motivated to write on mini journals than I am to write a 500 word entry. If you’re a crazed planner like I am, I would love to see how you decorate yours and learn your tips and tricks from experience.

‘Til the next post.

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