Smoothies To-Go

So I finally got my Mix & Go and tried making my first home-made fruity smoothie that’s oh-so yummy.

As part of a new diet and new living we decided to start changing the food portions and food selections at home. Nothing new that you’ve already heard like more greens, more fruits, and no I don’t mean those candies that look like them although I still like them.

For someone who has impaired digestion, juicing helps pre-digest fruits and veggies for so that my body can absorb all the nutrients I need. We end up consuming more fruits and veggies this way which means we have a more balanced diet.

It is still very important to have more green juices or smoothies than fruits. I understand why your nose would squiggle at that thought but there are ways to drink green smoothies or veggie juices. I surely wouldn’t risk us spiking our insulin levels since fruits have higher sugar content than vegetables. What allows us to smoothly drink vegetable juices is by simply adding lemon or lime juice or even adding a bit of fruit like berries into the mix then you can tick taste off of your “smoothie/juice must-have” checklist.

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