Sick Day Soup Variations

20150203_194930So K and I got caught with this season’s flu and no it hasn’t been pretty. We had to go back to the basics and started having more soup and we’ve been drinking lots and lots of water. To think that we had just started preparing to start the new green juice and smoothie diet.

We can all agree that chicken soup is one of the best remedies against colds and other illnesses. Everyone’s grandmother has their own recipe, apparently besides the fact that the basic chicken soup has chicken with salt and pepper to season and that’s it. But no, no, no, there’s a favorite and I need to make it, otherwise the “healing power” of the soup doesn’t work.

Since I was trying a new recipe, I checked for variations and I have to say that a variation of egg drop soup with chicken tops the list. To think that even that soup have other variations like the Chinese version, Japanese version, and the Korean version. I watched Seonkyoung and I actually learned the differences of these variations. Apparently I’m a big fan of the Chinese version all this time without realizing it.

Stay healthy everyone 🙂

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