The Gentlemen’s Club: Traditional Wet Shaving


So K finally got his new shaving gear yesterday and has been looking forward since he decided to improve his beauty care routine. If we ladies have our beauty needs then so do men.

Basic Rules:

  • Keep your skin hot and moist but rinse with cold water after
  • Don’t rush shaving
  • Wash your face beforehand
  • Lather up with shaving cream/gel
  • Shave with the grain

But why the sudden change from cartridge razor blades to double edge safety razor? Here are a few reasons:

  • Decrease your long term costs: cartridge razors actually cost more than safety razor blades when you look at how much your spending in the long term. It’s the same with shaving creams/gels that do not last as long as the traditional shaving creams and soaps that may look like they cost more at first but again look at the long term.
  • Reduced your carbon footprint: you can actually recycle the blade you used with a safety razor unlike the cartridge razors. Also, the containers of traditional shaving creams and soaps are made out of natural materials which means they produce less waste or are reusable or refillable unlike the non-biodegradable aerosol canisters.
  • Consistency is key: the double-edge safety razor moves across the skin cutting cleanly through the beard hairs.This then reduces irritation and in-grown hair.

A generous amount of time and effort was spent looking for these items and was it worth it? It doesn’t hurt to be gorgeous. The usual tips and tricks of the trade apparently isn’t enough even if you are in a rush.

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