Timepieces through the years

After tackling one of our case studies about watches, I was reminded of the different watches I wore growing older. I found it interesting to see how my interests changed through the years. I don’t have or no longer use all of them, therefore I need to source photos of the watches (e.g. Pierre Cardin) that I can find from the Internet. I can only mention what I used most but I can’t say for how long I used them because I did switch every now and then. The list will be updated if I can find the and watches or when I remember one that I used to wear.

Baby G

Pierre Cardin

2014-08-09 15.00.07


Swiss Military


Kevin owns this watch but since he lends it to me, it was worth mentioning and worth the credit.

Frédérique Constant


Featured Image: Vacheron Constantin Timepiece (Image Source)

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