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Timex And Qualcomm Team Up To Make A Smartwatch For Fitness Freaks

I am one of the people who feel the need not to bring my phone everytime I run outdoors. I don’t really like bringing my jacket to carry my phone just because I don’t have pockets. Smartwatches and fitness do go hand-in-hand. I don’t really know if I’ll get lost in the city but it does make you think that you’re a step safer if something does happen.


There are a few things everyone knows about smartwatches right now. First, you must have an e-ink screen. Second you have to use them with a phone nearby. Third, they’re not very rugged. Timex and Qualcomm, however, have decided to blow those myths out of the water.

Their new product, the Timex Ironman One GPS+, is a self-contained sports watch that allows for GPS location tracking, email-based wireless messaging, and systems to track your speed, distance, and position at all times as well as notify your friends and family of where you are. It connects to cellular networks via AT&T, has a large color touchscreen and includes one year of mobile data service.

The watch itself is about as big as the NikeSport Watch or the Adidas MiCoach. However, unlike similar models that offer no wireless capabilities and smart watches like Pebble and the Galaxy Gear that require smartphone…

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