All Blue

One Piece fans would understand the title of this post but beach lovers would understand my choice of nail color this season. In the end, both would have an understanding of this post. OPI’s Teal The Cows Come Home is the perfect shade of blue for this summer. I find it best worn without adding anything else to it because it already has its own shimmer leaving you with a  cool feeling as the aqua blue glistens and sparkles under the sun.

What I like most about this nail lacquer is not only do I like the color blue but also of  how it reminds of the sea when the sun shines bright, the movement of the waves, and the smell of the early mornings I spend with my mom drinking a cup of warm chocolate watching the sun rise by the water. Every time I look at my nails, I am reminded of the vastness of the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it.

The aqua flora and fauna are unforgettable be it scary or pretty. Recently, I have been hanging out with my friend and her kids by the lake and she taught me how to fish. It really is a different feeling, sort of a mix of calm and excitement. The sound of the line as it is casted is smooth and unwavering. The sound of the waves is strong and powerful. Water is calming and I have always enjoyed swimming in the pool up to the point that I look like a grilled Glimmerella out there but I never regret it because of how much fun I have. Whether it is in the pool, the lake, the sea, or in a tub, I can guarantee that after being stressed out the whole day, I will calm down.

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