Cloud and Cloudsurfer running shoes by On review

Since today is a rainy day here in Switzerland, I have time to sit down and write this review. When I used to run out in the park in Geneva, it didn’t matter to me what sports shoes I wore. It only mattered to me if it was for volleyball or even when I was still in the squad that they were the proper shoes, in order to avoid injuries. Living in Zürich and towards my final year in uni, I am not able to do the same sports and have resorted only to running. It wasn’t until I was introduced to these shoes that it could be better to get proper running shoes and not wear out my other shoes. Not only are they stylish but also soft when landing.

On running shoes CloudTec system

On was conceived as a symbiotic relationship of science and practice running by ex-top runners Olivier Bernhard, David Allemann, and Caspar Coppetti who met a like-minded Swiss ETH-engineer who had an idea for a new type of running shoe technology. Their prototypes filled their cabinets with the first they came up with was from a cut-up garden hose. “My very first steps with a prototype I will never forget,” said Oliver in an interview while recollecting the memory of his first feel of the prototype which was light and completely painless.

Cloud - PinkCloud - Pink Soles


Cloud is On’s indoor shoes that are much more flexible than their outdoor counterparts while providing the same comfort and feel of running on air. The CloudTec ® sole for Cloud is separated by a central channel that allows the runner’s individual movement. It has the Zero Gravity Foam outsole to provide cushioning. It’s upper is made of a breathable mesh fabric offering a good foot climate. Another key difference between Cloud and Cloudsurfer is the smart lace feature of Cloud with no need for binding. When I first saw the lace, I was worried that the shoe would fly away at some point because my feet are never the size they should be for shoes. Upon trying them, there I was testing not only the weight and feel but also wiggling my foot one after another only to see if my theory was right. I was proven wrong because the shoe gripped my foot almost hugging enough to assure its hold on my foot.

Cloudsurfer - Purple

Cloudsurfer is their outdoor running shoes that provides balance and support for the runner. It has the patented CloudTec® system. The outsole is integrated to the midsole which unlike other shoes is not flexible but adds cushioning and spring for when you take off. Those clouds and honeycomb design that you see on the soles of the shoes ensure the wear of your shoes. The upper is made with a lightweight microfiber 3D Air mesh ensuring breathability and coolness. When I tried it at first, the weight was obvious. It was light and I nearly wanted to go out into Bahnhofstrasse and start running towards the lake.

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