Allegiant by Veronica Roth Book Review

I suppose a fire that burns that bright is not meant to last. -Four

It’s been a while since I’ve written a book review but it feels good to be back in the habit. I never really kicked the habit.

Allegiant is the third and final instalment of Veronica Roth’s Divergent Trilogy. The alternating perspectives of Tris and Four continues as they leave their world and enter a new environment. The factions are forever eliminated but there are still those who will it back. However, Evelyn and the factionless continue to control everyone in order to keep this presumed peace. The Allegiant, a rebel group formed by Johanna, the former speaker of Amity and Cara, Will’s sister. Once the Allegiant have escaped the city, they are welcomed by an unfamiliar community who knows who they are and that they are coming. A new power struggle rises and it is the final sentence of what happens to the rest of their lives.

This trilogy required me to always look back to the final chapters of their predecessor in order to orient myself for the first chapter of the successor. For every key point of  this book, I keep looking up and remembering how it is the last book. I end up frustratingly thinking to myself repetitively, “How can this be the last book?,” and then continue to read the text. I felt like there aren’t enough pages for closure but it did. New questions pop up every now and then but it was not a let down at all. If you started, it’s best when you finish.


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