“The gods have spoken…”

After watching the episode last night, I just need to vent out. There I was, in the zone, watching attentively and upon reaching the end of the episode, I was left with recurring images of  Tywin speaking those words “You’re hereby sentenced to death,”. End scene. Watching Oberyn and Gregor’s battle was more than enough to bring me to the edge of my seat or keep my hubby’s arms around me otherwise I start trembling and get excited, disappointment caught me once Oberyn’s head was squashed. Thank you CGI for making it clear in my face.

Perfect. No closure. Cliffhanger. And there’s my hubby teasing me because, “Haaa you can’t sleep tonight,” or something like that. Of course! So much has happened in the course of an hour and I am left on-edge of my own cliff, as if I’m so close yet so far.

However, it wasn’t all bad. I can’t get enough of the scene as Arya Stark laughs at the news of her aunt’s passing. I was on the verge of replaying that scene and here it is, made available for your viewing pleasure.

Sansa Stark 2.0 still leaves me wide-eyed. and mouth opened. “A sweet girl,” they said. Next scene, enter Sansa in a black, feathered dress standing tall, regal, and a hint of deceit on her smile. Petyr uses her and she uses him. How much trust is actually there, we have yet to see.

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