Ever heard of the Learning Curve?


Ever heard of the learning curve? I’ve hit a stumbling block wherein I start to think whatever it is I’m studying, be it Project Management or Information Systems, it just isn’t working. It’s worse when the exams come and I begin to experience writer’s block.

I always refer to the learning curve (image above) and estimate at which point I am now. But there was always something wrong that I begin to think I’m an oddity. If you ever feel the same way as I have, have no fear! An updated curve (image below) that I find more accurate to the real-life situation is much more reliable for my nerves.


You can see that learning isn’t a straight progression. There are other factors that affect students when learning that cause the decline but we don’t stop learning. We slow down at certain points in the process and then gradually make it to the end.

I remember when I started in the volleyball varsity team. I was far behind on my skills even when I had the basics. As soon as I mastered each skill by hitting a point accurately from one position, a new challenge was given to us by our coach. It would feel like we were starting from point 0 again but we’re not. We’re merely adding new skills to our skill set to perform better.


It will always be a process of trial and error. We’re bound to hit obstacles, some harder than others but we get through it or if we’re clever we can find a way around it.

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