What makes revision easier?


I spent the last 2 weeks revising for the midterms only to realize I have another 5 days after the last lecture before the exams free for revising.


2 hours everyday, 2-3 chapters outline/summary. I tried to stretch it to 4 but then I started to learn slower than usual which doesn’t make it helpful at all.

Revision has always been a trial and error for study methods. Finding the best alternative. The best way that I find effective is to vary your methods.

There isn’t really a UNIVERSAL method for learning ALL your subjects because there are different approaches that best suit learning for it.

My top 3 methods:
1. Use questions instead of titles for topics and practice answering them as you would an exam. When I was still doing the IB, I was using past papers like crazy and haven’t kicked the habit.

IB Business and Management

2. Brainstorm/Group study: completely advantageous because you bounce off ideas that could either help you to better understand the topic or even to use some ideas for your exam.

3. Video assist: You know that feeling when you can’t understand a theory or a problem on your own? Khan is ready to help and many others. I can’t just record every class I have just so I can go back to it. Usually it makes it easier to find tutorials of what exactly it is you need to learn.


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