My thoughts and prayers go to my fellow filipinos


It really pains me to see that the people in my country are struggling already from typhoon yolanda and another typhoon is approaching. Blow after blow, keep strong mga kababayan ko.

At the moment there are at least 10,000 filipinos killed by the storm and 9.5 million people directly affected by the typhoon. I know these are just numbers but seeing the photos and videoclips in the news are hard hitting.

Imagine being in that situation of being isolated by phenomena’s like yolanda. You cannot find your family because the internet is not working and functioning phone lines are rare, scarce food and potable water, and the thought of having to build your home again is stuck in your head.

I hope against hope that the money donated by other countries and individuals reach those in need. I fear that temptation could still take over those who hold the money as seen time and time again with an average of 20 typhoons coming to the Philippines annually.

2013-11-12 20.40.44

Despite all the sadness, you can still see pinoys (filipinos) smiling and waving at the camera. My painting made by a local filipino artist reminds me of this characteristic that pinoys have. Even when experiencing horrific situations, we can still find ourselves smiling after the storm passes.

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