Get serious and Get Lucky

Midterms are coming up soon and I didn’t even notice how much time has passed quickly before my eyes. Back in Geneva now for the weekend but going back home tomorrow to St. Gallen. I feel like the entire country of Switzerland is my playground as I spent almost the entire week this week revising at our uni in Zürich, and then again in the train on my way to Geneva this morning. Perfect timing, the weather was beautiful because the sun was out and the air was fresh and cool. I feel like Timon and Pumba about to break out into song while saying that but you know what I mean. I could have enjoyed this day and relaxed all hakuna matata. Priorities first. Hopefully, I can makeup for neglecting rest during my midterm break.

Parating na yung midterms, nihindi ko man lang napansin. Nasa Geneva na ako ulit pero uwi agad bukas sa St.Gallen. Feeling ko yung buong bansa yung palaruan ko dahil halos buong linggo wala akong ginawa kung hindi magaral sa unibersidad namin sa Zürich tapos kanina ulit sa tren papuntang Geneva. Nakakapagod ah, fyi lang. Sakto, ang ganda ng panahon, maaraw at mahangin. Kulang nalang kumanta na ako habang sinasabi ko yan pero gets niya naman diba? Pwede sana ako magenjoy at magrelax à la hakuna matata. Pero hindi, aral muna. Sana pag dating ng midterm break namin makabawi ako ng tulog sa tagal ko nang pinabayaan.

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