Date night in Acqua Basilea

PhotoGrid_2 oct. 2013 21_15

After weeks and weeks of scheduling, we finally found a chance to have a real date and it was amazing. I could re-play it in my head over and over again. If you live or are visiting Switzerland, try dining at Acqua Basilea or even just to have some drinks, the ambiance is a perfect fit. Located in Basel, this restaurant slash bar slash lounge serves amazing food. They are situated in an old industrial building that if you didn’t hear about it, you wouldn’t think that it was a restaurant from the outside but the moment you step in, and I repeat what I said at that very moment, “I just saw my mom’s dream come true.” The setting is incredible! Because it was an industrial building, the interior is vintage with the brick wall matching the theme that the chandeliers set, not to mention the candles they place on top of the exposed bricks. We talked a lot during the apéro, trying to catch up on what we’ve been missing due to our busy schedules. The dinner itself was magical aside from the food, it was definitely like a Hollywood movie but the difference being that when we looked at each others’ eyes, after I tried to avoid it almost the whole night, it was worth looking at least once. I think I stopped breathing and everyone’s conversation died down to silence.

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