Now You See Me movie review

Now You See Me starring Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, and Dave Franco is a film about 4 magicians who have been recruited to become the top illusionists anyone has ever seen. A year later, they become the Four Horsemen, performing onstage while conducting bank heists. An FBI agent, Dylan Rhodes and Alma Vargas from Interpol are assigned to investigate the case but are in need of the help of Thaddeus Bradley because the more they look, the less they see.

As a big fan of The Prestige, I was bound to like this movie a lot. It isn’t really about magic but deception. We know all the tricks behind the shows but we still look forward to seeing it happen and revisiting the method when Thadddeus unveils it to the baffled agents. What we really want to know is who is the hooded guy who watched all their shows, left them cards with the address of their headquarters and brought them together to form the group. Overall it is good, but if we notice, the highlights are those of the heists of the Four Horsemen but underlying is the fact that we are still pondering on who brought them together. It is very entertaining and it works because of today’s tech but the ending could have been better. Nevertheless, it’s still worth watching.

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