Despicable Me 2 movie review

It’s the second time I’ve seen this film but I still get the same feeling as I had the last time. Gru becomes a proactive dad and aspiring entrepreneur. Until he is recruited by the Anti-Villain League and is to participate on a mission that needs his expertise. There were too many elements that did not mesh well and the film it only had key scenes that made it worth watching but mostly you were just waiting for the scenes rather than watching the entire film.

Highlights of the film:

Agnes’ birthday party

Cupcake shop scene

Happy Mother’s Day


Gru asks Lucy out on a date




Gru: Good night, Edith.

[gives Edith a good night kiss]

Gru: Good night, Margo.

[gives Margo a goodnight kiss, but returns]

Gru: Whoa, whoa, hold your horses. Who are you texting?

Margo: My friend Avery.

Gru: Avery!


Gru: Huh? Avery? Is that a girl’s name or a boy’s name?

Margo: Does it matter?

Gru: No. No, it doesn’t matter unless it’s a boy!



Gru: [in falsetto] It is I, Gru-


Gru: zinkerbell, the most magical faerie princess of all!

Young Boy: [interrupts] How come you’re so fat?

Gru: [annoyed] Because my house is made out of candy, and sometimes,

[while hitting boy with wand]

Gru: I eat instead of facing my problems!


Gru rejecting/leaving AVL

Gru: Goodbye, Mister Sheepbutt.

Silas: That’s Ramsbottom

Gru: That does not make it any better.

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