Cheerleading Competition the results and event


The competition went well yesterday. It was great seeing all the other teams perform, especially the kids in the Peewee category. They’re adorable! Our team made 2nd place in the All Girl Cheer category, 1st and 2nd for the Partner stunt, and 1st for the coed Group stunt. It’s all so great. The food was great, they were grilling hotdogs and sausages, sold popcorn and some sweet food. The crowd was very supportive too. Very loud and cheery.

However, it’s not all pretty. There are some downsides too. The team that won 1st place in the other categories I thought were good athletes. It is already a given. They awed me when we practiced at the same gym a few days before. However, they failed to display good sportsmanship. Even if everyone knows they’re first in the category, they should have respected that one moment of the other teams who made it to 2nd place to at least to rejoice their accomplishment.

In my experience in other competitions that I’ve participated in like our Volleyball Tournaments, the winners were humble enough and they kept their excitement until they were called, not during someone else’s awarding. It really surprised me to see that attitude especially since I’ve admired them before.

Another thing I don’t understand is the awarding. I don’t really know if it makes sense to award teams all the way from the 16th place. It gets too long and the audience stop cheering and clapping and just wait for at least the top 5 places. I started feeling sorry for them and I’m sure they don’t want to be pitied either.

Other than that it was all great. I’m glad and lucky to have taken part in it.

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