Rainy day, Starbucks convo, 17th Swiss Cheerleading and Cheerdance Championship 2013


It really has been such a long day. Waking up at 6 am even if I didn’t have class until late afternoon to be at uni and work on my part of the group assignment in Accounting. The weather is no different from yesterday and has been very gloomy. In order to keep my spirits high is to dress up. I noticed yesterday that everyone wears black on when it’s rainy which I find kind of depressing since the weather is already bad, adding some color would liven it up a bit. And so I did and above is a photo collage of what I wore today.

Basic, light-brown long sleeves – Forever 21

Black, high-waisted shorts – Forever 21

Black, Polkadot, netted tights – I just know I got it from Coop

Floral necklace – Claire’s

Heart, bff, pair necklace – Claire’s

However, it wasn’t all bad today. My friend, Mirna, and I went to Starbucks while I was waiting for my train and the place was full. I wasn’t suprised since it just started pouring again outside. Funny how at Starbucks, they mispell names or even get them extremely off base. The first case was my problem when I was still living in the Philippines.

Being a girl my name is spelt as Dominique but when they start writing it down after asking for my name, they write ‘Dominic’ and that is how it is spelt if it were a guy’s name. I don’t think I look like a guy so they shouldn’t have gotten it wrong. It’s not that big of a deal for me but so far since I moved to Switzerland, they haven’t gotten my name wrong either on the French side or the German side. For Mirna however, it is the second case. She actually decided to mention another name because they just can’t get it right at all.

Dear Starbucks,

We think you’re great but it would be even better if you could get our names right.

Dominique with a ‘que’ and Mirna, just Mirna


I’m looking forward to tomorrow. We’re just hours away from the 17th Swiss Cheerleading and Cheerdance Championship 2013 (Schweizermeisterschaft). I understand that not all of you will get a chance to see it but my bf, David, will be taking a video of it so hopefully I can upload it on Sunday since there’ll be a house party that we might be atte

nding right after. Wish us luck. Go Warriors!

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