Diamonds Warriors Cheerleading Show in Winterthur


Yesterday was our show in Winterthur that served as our practice performance before the Cheerleading and Cheerdance Competition in St. Gallen on 25 May 2013. Yes, I feel battered from the practices and pressure of getting everything right, “Alles isch guet” as everyone says. But seriously. it isn’t a joke nor is it easy. It really takes a lot of discipline and it is very rewarding at the end.

We practiced earlier that day before the show and to be honest, we were worried as puppies in a storm. Flyers kept falling, bases lacked stability, and concentration was the escape goat. It must be so but was it really? We were finally there at the hall and everyone was excited. Because I’m familiar with performing and being on stage, I didn’t have stage fright. It wasn’t until I was asked if I was nervous that after I said I wasnt. I psyched myself out. I started thinking “What if I mess up my basket toss?!” or worse “What if I don’t catch my flyer on time?!” Luckily, I managed to compose myself  before we entered the hall.

To my surprise and probably to the rest of my team too, the performance was perfect! All of the kinks that we’ve been trying to fix beforehand and didn’t succeed during practice looked as if we hadn’t had a single problem during the performance. I was wowed on the floor and it was exhilarating.

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