Oblivion movie review

Yes you’re probably tired of only seeing book reviews and wondered “Whatever happened to the movie reviews?”. To be honest, I didn’t make time for watching but now I have and as you can see from the title we saw Oblivion. It’s a sci-fi film featuring Tom Cruise who plays Tech 49  Jack Harper, one of the last astronaut tech assigned on Earth to maintain the security of the Hydrorigs, which extracts the remaining resources of the planet and send them to the Tet which is the escape vessel for the humans after the war and the Earth became uninhabitable. He lives with his partner/lover, Vica and they are classified as an effective team. They are expected to leave for the Titan in 2 weeks to be with the rest of the survivors and prior to their mission, their memories were wiped off for security purposes. Regardless, Jack still has flashbacks but does not recall who the woman in his visions is and why he is remembering her. It is what makes him curious and derives from the mission and in turn becomes insubordinate.

I did not know what to expect at first but as I followed it became easier for me to predict what happens next because of other films that have similar plots one of which was distinct I almost yelled it out loud in the cinema was from Moon (2009) as soon as Tech 52 Jack Harper landed his ship to repair the drone. What amazes me most is the tech used and where they live. For some reason, David and I are attracted to it and want to have a place like that to live in. Jack’s aircraft looks like a dragonfly to me with the two round things as the wings and the long, narrow body. The motorbike is simplistic in appearance. It looks like an ordinary bike, pimped in white. I can’t comment on the guns because I am not a pro at identifying them other than what I’ve seen in Fringe.

There are some cases that make me form theories as to why the story was set in that way just like when Tech 52 Jack Harper disappeared, I wondered where he went and throughout the voice over when Julia and Tech 49 Jack Harper’s daughter was on screen, I wondered if it really was 49 who was talking. It wasn’t until 52 came with the scavs that I concluded he must have been as curious as 49 because he had the same vision when he saw Julia running after 49. The effects of course are great but the story, when it’s supposed to reach its climax immediately falls including the ending. The film could have been better but it’s still safe to say that it is a good film but personally I’d rather see Moon again rather than this.

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