Diets and self-eating brain cells

If you’re reading this then you must be brave, attracted to such topics, or a loyal reader. In the long run, thanks for stopping by anyway. I came across this article from Science Daily and it freaked me out. I think I’m going to be temporarily paranoid. While I was reading the post, I realized that I haven’t had breakfast yet and I’ve been so hungry. Then I started picturing my brain cells eating each other. I actually started picturing it to be like a Pacman game. Perhaps now that you’re reading this you’re feeling the same way too or maybe it’s just me and so I can’t wait to finally have brunch.

And to think I’ve been working hard, studying for midterms next week and all of a sudden this brain cell thingy comes up. Hoping against hope that I don’t lose my intelligence too. But the reason for it happening is like when we touch something we didn’t know was going to be really hot, we pull away from it as a reflex because our body is telling us that it’s not good for us and that we shouldn’t do it again. That’s putting it in layman’s terms but you get what I mean. As for the brain, that’s its special way of telling you that you need to eat. If you remember from your Biology class, you have food storage in your body for emergencies but it’s not until there is shortage that you start getting the message from your brain.

I’m not a pro of the science behind how it works but my interest of it is a given.

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