Top Fitness Apps for Android and iPhone

Spring has sprung! It’s about time and we can start letting the sun kiss our skin once again. If you’re like me and you like keeping track of your health even if it isn’t 100% perfect the way it is measured then you know how it feels to always have to look at all descriptions for fitness/workout applications for your phone when on-the-go.

To make your life easier I’ve decided to give you a list, a treasure trove even, of the apps that I have tried myself. You can just imagine the battery life of my phone having used all of them at the same time just to see which apps worked the best.

I’ve also asked the opinions of my friends who don’t use the same kind of phone so that everyone can benefit from this post since not all apps that are in the App Store are available on Google Play for example and vice versa.

App Store

Fitness Buddy

Zombies, Run!

I am not such a big fan of Zombies but this app really kicked my butt.


Nike Training Club

Google Play

Noom Weight Loss Coach

Zombies, Run!

I repeat, I am not a zombie fan.

Nike+ Running



Personally I believe the apps that incorporate food and exercise are the best because it is convenient than to switch from one app to another. But it’s entirely up to you as your health and comfort is in your hands.


    1. It’s really great. I laughed everytime I accomplished a mission and for some reason I really end up pushing myself much further.


  1. You Miss one App “ProFitness Trainer” from It is now the most recommended app for gyms. Through this app, personal trainer or coaches can prepare training systems and send it to their trainees via email. Please check it out.


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