Trendy Outfits When Between Seasons

leather jacket 2If you read my last post then you’ll remember that although the sun is supposed to be shinning it still isn’t. We leave the house with lots of layers because of the cold morning and then later the sun shines or snow/rain falls. Don’t get me wrong, layers are great but sometimes it’s just great to wear less but still season-appropriate. The trouble with weather shouldn’t keep Spring from showing up or peaking underneath a coat or jacket and so here are some suggestions on great combos for the transition from Winter to Spring.

Basic white tops, jeans (fitted or flared), closed shoes

What’s great about this combination is that it is neutral and all you need to do is accessorize or play with makeup to make yourself stand out, if that’s what you’re aiming for.

Black leather jackets

Keeps you warm and makes your outfit edgy, rough but feminine.


It is not only used to keep warm and cozy but also to accessorize and my favorite are the ombre colored ones.

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