Les Miserables (2012) Movie Review

Film poster

It was only a week ago that I’ve watched this interpretation in the cinema and at first I think I wasn’t fair because I kept on comparing it to the actual play. And so when I had watched it again a few days ago, I managed to keep an open mind and concentrate on cinematography and adaptation from a musical in the theater to cinema. If you do not already know but I am sure that my loyal readers do, the need for this mentality is because an audience of a film at the cinema is completely different from that of an audience at the theater.

The appreciation is different, which is also why for this musical to be successful as a film there has to be a a way for the audience of a cinema to relate to the story without tiring themselves of the songs.

The story remains the same and so if you have seen either the play or the film then there are no spoilers needed. At the most, this review is going to be about the major actors selected as well as their techniques and interpretation of delivering the songs.

Jean Valjean

Although his understanding and interpretation of the songs are great I am not entirely sure if Hugh Jackman’s voice is right for this part but I can’t think of another alternative if not this either because upon hearing his voice every time he sings, I just don’t get the same fluttery feeling like I do when the others are.

Inspector Javert

I don’t know why Russel Crowe has to walk on ledges as if he’s walking on a tight rope and yes I know that it is not about the voice I’m referring to now but I just had to say it. I don’t know if it’s a foreshadowing to his suicide but I can’t really stretch it that far. In a nutshell, his voice and interpretation is definitely great.


Personally, I believe that Anne Hathaway gave it all her heart and soul. It wasn’t completely about her voice that made her performance compelling but the way she portrayed Fantine without overdoing it.


Amanda Seyfried’s voice is angelic and it what this part needs from the actress. Although I am not taken away by her character, she did the best there is for her to offer and make her part stand out just as everyone else’s.


Eddie Redmayne I think has one of the best voices in this film and I would say his overall delivery was great and met my expectations or perhaps even more and I am not saying this just because I think he’s good looking but I really did pay attention to his facial expressions, body language and of course his voice.


When Samantha Barks sang On My Own I was hesitant at first because it is my favorite song and I wasn’t sure whether or not I was ready to her a new interpretation but I am at ease now because I have not heard a fault and I am not disagreeing with her style. For some reason I’ve been thinking that if I am asked what character in the play I would do, it would be Eponine.

Thénardier and Madame Thénadier

Helena Carter never ceases to please. In any musical or play adapted to film that she starred in such as Hamlet as Ophelia and as Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd has she failed to satisfy our need for entertainment without losing the essence of the characters from their original productions. To work with Sacha Cohen brings more laughter into the mix in the theme of misery. A bit of slapstick here and there is like adding some garnitures to dishes for a bit of fluff and balance.


The French Revolution

Daniel Huttlestone makes me feel both sad and happy. His voice is simply magical that I can’t help but be awed by him. I believe that a musical whether it’s in the theater or in the cinema is incomplete without a chorus. The songs become more powerful when they sing in unison or in harmony.

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