Pandemonium Book Review

Pandemonium is the second book in the Delirium trilogy by Lauren Oliver. We follow alternating scenes of Lena’s present life back in the city and her life in the Wilds. The transition is well layed-out that it doesn’t become irritating or confusing.

Knowing that Alex isn’t around pose challenges for Lena to face on her own making her stronger as she decides to use his image as her source of motivation. We see her development from coming to Wilds weak from their escape to Lena pushing herself becoming tougher and more courageous.

Love is a theme that always creeps up on most stories, especially here. Even though Lena is trying to be psychically loyal to Alex, she can’t help falling for Julian and Julian learns to love and accepts the ‘disease’.

Pandemonium and Delirium are really different in terms of style, which is great in some ways but so far I haven’t had a problem with this change and I haven’t read a trilogy that follows such a style. It is definitely a thumbs up and I look forward to reading the next book.

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