How to stay motivated

Recently I have been working my butt off with babysitting and studying for exams. Not to mention the difficult weather we’ve been facing here what with the wind and snow blowing from all directions. How do I squeeze my workout routine? It is important to keep fit and with cheerleading as an extra curricular activity, it is imperative to keep myself fit and strong. I have a couple of ways that keep me motivated during the day.

Music is the best way to keep calm, stay in the mood and of course, staying motivated. If there’s a genre or a group of songs that remind you of your passion then you should use it to your advantage. We see pictures or mini movies whenever we listen to music such as being a popstar and singing that song you’re listening to or even just a short scene of how you want your day or presentation to go. I find it helpful in conditioning especially before practice.

When I’m home, when I’m babysitting and I have time to kill, I use that time to watch movies or series while working out. It’s mostly what I watch that even got me to try it in the first place and watching it again would remind me of what inspired to to do it in the first place. Of course mine being the Bring It On series.

Ever heard of the quote “Pictures are worth a thousand words”? It is very true and what better way to express how you feel about something when you think it is beyond words? There’s a lot circling around instagram and pinterest that we can follow. It’s great to look through photos that give you that tingly feeling when you agree or you’ve achieved the same goal.

This is not just applicable for those who do sports. No matter what your passion is, be it cooking, reading, painting, it can be done.

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