Nail Art February

When I was babysitting this week, one of the kids noticed that I had a different color of nail varnish on one fingernail while the rest of my fingernails had the same colors and the same on my other hand. He didn’t understand why I had done that when I said that it was on purpose and his older sisters started telling him reasons such as me wanting to be a model, which definitely has nothing to do with my choice of nail color and pattern/scheme.

It was this weekend that I changed my nail color. I tend to change it every week for variety and sometimes I do keep it to one color but at times I find it fun or pretty to change the style. I am not talented when it comes to nail art probably because I haven’t really tried. I have tried the nail polish that cracks and eventually got tired of it and also using fake nails but I felt uncomfortable using them because of the disturbing feeling of it falling off at some point in the day. But I am willing to try out some designs I found on the internet. What do you think?

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