The Scorch Trials

“So we’ve had to up the ante, and now it’s time for Phase Two. It’s time for things to get difficult.”

– Rat Man, The Scorch Trials, p.57

Just when they thought they were safe, there was more to come. There are unexplainable happenings and they come across uncooperative people that may or may not be trustworthy to begin with. The story continues from when the gladers have been rescued and Thomas has difficulty falling asleep. After waking up to seeing the victims of the Flare at the windows of their room they all panic and try to find a way out. Finding a way out has never been easy, just as the Maze wasn’t. Finding their rescuers hanged in the dinning hall and then the mystery of Teresa disappearing only to find a boy named Aris in her room.

No Teresa and no idea how to get out are the initial problems of the gladers until they meet the rat-looking man from WICKED who tells them that they have to move on to the next stage of the experiment. To be honest, I am not sure how I really feel about the second book of the Maze Runner trilogy. There are more questions raised, more puzzling and more confusing. If there’s anything James Dashner succeeded in this book is the expression of feeling frustrated. Through the most part of this book, I definitely felt just as annoyed as the characters about their situation hiding from the heat of the sun, finding a place to stay and keeping safe. I suppose the reason why I don’t like it as much as the first is because there isn’t much to learn about their surroundings and it always feels like there’s only dead ends no matter how much further you go.

I am still interested in knowing what happens in the end because I am keen on learning the reason for the existence of WICKED. I want to know whether it really is good and just using the cruelest means possible or they’re just plain bad.

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