Wreck-it Ralph Movie Review

Before going on our lovely trip to Paris, David and I decided to watch the long awaited Wreck it Ralph. It’s about a video game villain called Ralph in a video game called Fix It Felix set in an arcade. It follows Ralph’s story of wanting to change from being an evil character into a good character.

Ralph’s job is to destroy the apartment building, which would be repaired by Felix and then tossed off the building by the tenants. After being insulted in his game’s 30th anniversary, he feels that he has to prove himself.

In the film, the term Turbo is used when a character decides to jump to another game and act as one of the characters there. Unfortunately, when that character dies in the other game he doesn’t revive, which means that game and his own game’s plugs would be pulled.

Because of Ralph’s want for change from good to bad he heads off to another game called Hero’s Duty to win a medal signifying him as a good and rewarding character because it is mentioned in the movie that evil never wins.

However, a problem occurs after receiving his medal delaying his victory and he ends up facing new challenges. It leads him to another game called Sugar Rush, a racing game and is at first bugged by a glitch character, which then becomes his friend.

He makes new friends along the way and faces enemies that could destroy all the games in the arcade. It is a really great film that not only has great animation but also has an actual story worth following.

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