Losing a part of me

A preview of my website

This afternoon, I was hanging out at the student lounge with a friend, Marigona, and when I asked her to have a look at my website, which I will make known in due time, because I needed fresh eyes to find certain problems that I may not have noticed while I was fixing it over the 3 months since the project was given to us by our marketing teacher. I love making websites, much more than learning photoshop and such. However today wasn’t a red letter day for me.

As soon as we open the link to my site, what came up was a Swisscom (mobile telecommunications service here in Switzerland) page giving a warning to the audience. What made it worse is that when I tried to go to the builder website, I couldn’t even reach the main-page of Webs.com, which is the web-hosting site I am currently using. I call my boyfriend, David, and asked him to check using his laptop if he received the same result and at that time there was no problem. By then, we thought that it might have been just the university’s wifi security blocking something that my site might have contained like porn ads and so I tried connecting my tablet to my phone’s wifi via bluetooth or tethering but it couldn’t connect and so I waited until I got home.

However, when I check the website again, instead of my homepage appearing it’s the Webs website saying that it couldn’t be found. This made me even more frustrated and I panicked because I worked really hard on it, 3 months even, only for it to disappear for no apparent reason or warning from the web-hosting site. I tried to search for their customer service details so I could call but no number appeared but an email address, which I’m still reluctant to use for communicating urgent issues. I prefer to talk to someone because I have a lot to say when I have a problem with their service, for example, and having to send an email would be a mess for me because my mind would not have been collected.

I was on the verge of giving up and just creating a new website with the exact same content as the first one because I could still open the builder page of my website but dinner was waiting for us and so we had a bite to eat first. You might think I was being too dramatic but I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened to my website, thinking whether I should have used premium immediately and maybe it wouldn’t have happened, maybe I wouldn’t have lost it. I was going to upgrade my account until after we presented our projects because it really would help me promote myself in the long run. Just the thought of having lost something that I got very much attached to hit me hard that I started crying at the dinner table. David was sweet because he immediately got a napkin to wipe my tears off, But I still couldn’t stop nor finish my dinner so I went to our room and just fell on the bed crying some more.

When David finished cleaning-up the kitchen, he came to the room and when he found me still crying, yes still crying and even harder because I was alone in the room with no one to see me crying, he came to me and told me to hug him instead of my pillow “…because that’s what I’m for,” he said. After calming down a bit, he had me try the site again and to my surprise it was working again. He suggested that the site might have been doing some updates that affected the members’ websites but luckily it didn’t last for long. I will be upgrading my account on webs so that I can get the other features and hopefully I wouldn’t have to deal with such fright again now that I know it does happen for specific reasons but I do wish that they gave their members warning or notices that the site will be down for the day. Lesson learned.

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