What has been up lately? As you well have known from one of my tag posts a few months ago, or maybe not, that I am now taking Business Administration for my Bachelor’s at the University. It has been tough, I admit but I haven’t given up and I have no plans on giving up.

My personality has definitely ceased to change as I am still putting together items from my wardrobe that at first you can’t even imagine but it’s not until you try it that you would change your mind.


This is what happened to me the other night when I was thinking about what to pair with this blazer because I normally don’t like blazers that have thick shoulder pads. However, my sleeveless top from Forever 21 seems to fit it well, don’t you think?


I even managed to work comfortably even though at first I thought it would inhibit movement when I raise my arm, which I often do in class when participating in lectures.

The book on my right is The Maze Runner by James Dashner and it isn’t an academic book. It is just one of my pleasure reading books that I finally found time to start reading a few days ago and hopefully by the end of this week I will finish it and make a book review. The story so far has been really intriguing that I can barely help myself from reading some more if it wasn’t for the upcoming exams that I need to prepare for again.



Recently, I have been obsessing with this hairstyle because it’s very easy to do and very quick that I don’t need to invest much of my preparation time before school just to think about what hairstyle I’m going to go with because it practically suits any outfit.

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