Hot cocoa loco

A cup hot warm chocolate with mallows

Do you love hot chocolate as much as I do? I love so  much and it’s great that not only do you get to eat it but you get a bonus by being able to drink it unlike my other favorite foods, which I find difficult to imagine that they would be turned into drinks like Pizza for example.

I have two ways in which to make hot chocolate for those chilly nights or even days if you stay at home on the weekends or something. It has been chilly here and if you’ve been following my twitter trends, you would remember that I got sick last week. I was having chills and having a cup of tea or hot chocolate is the best remedy when you feel like you’re freezing to death.Hot chocolate basics:

  • Warm a cup of milk either on the stove(2 minutes) or in the microwave(2 minutes).
  • Add chocolate powder (Swiss Miss, Nesquick, Hersheys, Milo, Ovaltine, it’s your choice) and stir.
  • If it’s not sweet enough then just add sugar.
  • To top it off I either put tiny marshmallows or whipped cream on top with sprinkles.
What about you? How do you make hot chocolate when it starts getting cold?


  1. I love hot chocolate! My all-time favorite is a milk hot chocolate with honey and chili flakes! I know it sounds odd, but it is utterly delicious! 🙂
    Nice blog by the way!


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