Comfy and Casual

Padlock with a heart at the Love Lock Bridge in Winterthur, Switzerland

Don’t you just love it when you go out and you don’t have think so much about what clothes match and what accessories to use? I do and I find it very refreshing to go out once in a while without taking a long time pondering in front of my clothes or putting on then taking off again. I’m sure most of you check the weather forecast too in order for you to wear something that suits the changing temperature from warm and sunny to cold winds or even rain.

We did a photo shoot 2 days ago and it was chilled and great. I would say chilled both in the sense of temperature as well as a figure of speech. We just happened to be around Winterthur and I was craving for a burger, yes I tweeted that. In the end we ate at Subway but my hunger for tasty food was not satisfied. It was enough to sustain me for the afternoon we spent shooting in different places and here it is.

Look how high I jump
What I’m wearing:
  • I can’t remember where I got my scarf from but its a grey triangular scarf with tassels.
  • Black and white shirt by Human
  • White shorts by Zara
  • Sneakers by Bench
  • Brown messenger bag by River Island
  • White with gold studs headband by Forever 21
  • Green End of an Era LGB Seniors hoodie
  • Multicolored bracelets and blue bangle by Claire’s
  • F. Chopin watch by Frederique Constant

See what I mean by being comfortable? It may be the basic of all styles but it still turned out great. The weather was changing from sunny to windy so the scarf was a big help and so was jumping around town. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.

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