Re-imagined Beauty and the Beast film

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This is not going to be a movie review. Rather, it’s more of a “What’s new?” or “What’s in my head?” sort of post. This is going to be all about Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming work Beauty and the Beast. I have been researching and what I’ve learn’t so far is that he is working with Emma Watson to play the role of Belle. On the storyboard, he’ll be working alongside Denise di Novi, Ed Wood and Andrew Davies who is the script I am a great fan of del Toro and Emma Watson and that’s why I think this new interpretation of a Disney princess movie is worth writing about.

Thinking about the works of the team, del Torro’s Pans Labyrinth is an amazing film and my favorite on top of that. Unfortunately, making a movie review of it will make my post long because of how much detail I would put into it and it might be tiresome to read for those who merely want to know what its about, generally.

Denise di Novi worked on a few Tim Burton films such as Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmass. I am a Tim Burton film lover apart from Edward Scissorhands, which I still love watching during the Christmass season, the Corpse Bride too is a film I cannot stop watching. You can ask my sister how much I watch it and how she wonders why I never get tired of watching it. Not to mention that I also learned the piano pieces and watched the film so much that I practically memorized it word for word and could practically watch it in my head. Edward Scissorhands is a great film that is a mix of disturbing yet sweet moments that you’ll have mixed feelings and probably feel sad in the end. I don’t think the ending is happy but something that I can be content with.

We all know who Emma Watson is and what films she starred in. I’ll give you a clue, it starts with Harry and ends with Potter. Yes, you’ve guessed it, Harry Potter’s Hermoine Granger will be playing the sweet, gentle, and loving Belle. This actress also starred in Ballet Shoes whose character aspires to be an actress in the theatre and in the end lands a job as a Hollywood actress. Did I say I am a big fan? I think I did but I’ll say it again. I’m a big fan of Emma Watson. I would say that there are movies coming up that I would always think of her as the one to play the part because she has the appearance as well as the ability to perform the character perfectly.

I grew up with Disney princess films and knowing the thematic styles of Guillermo del Torro, there’s no doubt that the latest interpretation of Beauty and the Beast will be darker annd it actually suits the current generation, what with the zombies, vampires and wolves taking centerstage. We are definitely seeing more and more dark elements in films except for the romance genre. I would say that having dark elements in a children’s fantasy film will give the traditional story a twist and it might be a surprise. Just think about the new interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood in the film Red Riding Hood featuring Amanda Seyfreid. Weknow the classic Red goes to granny’s house to bring her a basketfull of goodies only to find the wolf on her bed, oh my what a fright you’ve given me there granny.

We are now facing the age of special effects that give aid to making fantasies appear before our eyes, when details to events in our bedtime stories were not so obvious becausewe started nodding off, the age of wanting to make entertainment makes sense of our past even if it wasn’t like that at all. You never knew that your bedtime stories could lure you into visiting their pages once more with the development of technologies that entertain us. If there is one thing I’m going to do about this new movie, it would be not to hope for something over the top and keep myself updated on the progress. I look forward to it. Enjoy your day.


  1. There’s gonna be a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ movie with Emma Watson as Belle? Like seriously? If this isn’t serious, I’ll be dying because of disappointment! I love the story of the beauty and the beast and I love Emma Watson. She’s perfect for it! How damn cool is that?


    1. It is happening and I am pretty damn excited. I am a big fan of Emma Watson so I’m more than just happy that she’ll be playing Belle. As for the story, I love it so much that I did my French oral on it last year. I just hope there are more updates for the movie because I really want to see it happen.


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