Tag: How much is your face worth?

This one really interested me and now we shall know what are my expenses on my face. I don’t buy makeup products frequently whenever I go out. It’s only when I run out of a certain product and I’m using an extra. Because I only use makeup when I go out, which at the moment isn’t frequent because school hasn’t started yet, the products I get for free last. Most of the time, the freebies I get from the shops or from when I worked work well on my face. The reason for the different currencies is because I purchased them from other countries from where I was during the summer therefore the need to convert in order to calculate the total.

  • The Body Shop Skin Primer Moisturise It – Giveaway
  • Covergirl Simply Ageless Foundation – CHF 19.90
  • Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural – CHF 31.90
  • Mac Springsheen Sheertone Shimmer Blush – CHF 26.90
  • Garnier Roll-on Skin Naturals Anti-dark circles Concealer – EUR 9.95 (CHF 11.98)
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette – PHP 2000.00 (CHF 45.54)
  • Dior Eyeliner Brown Pencil – CHF 31.90
  • Benefit They’re Real Mascara – GBP 18.50 (CHF 28.11)
  • I Love… Vanilla & Ice Cream – CHF 4.90
  • Avon Ultra Rich Mega Impact Pink Pop Lipstick – Giveaway

Products here in Switzerland are expensive so it will be a surprise on how much I had to pay for everything. The lip balm I mentioned is CHF 4.90 = GBP 3.22 and this is me converting it but when you actually purchase the product in the UK it’s only GBP 1. The grand total of what I’ve been using is CHF 201.13

 Do you know how much your face costs? See for yourself because I tag you. Have a nice day!

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