Song list for sleeping

ImageI don’t know about you but I simply can’t sleep when it’s too quiet. I find it deafening, which requires me to either fall asleep watching or while listening to music. The best of course is to keep away from a light source because the body is used to the presence of light in the day when we’re awake and then dark at night, which signals the time to sleep.

To be clear, the songs here don’t make me fall asleep because I find it boring but because I find it soothing and relaxing. It is quite long because I prefer not to hear the same song if all of a sudden I can’t fall asleep.

Here’s my sleep playlist:

  • Pie Jesu – Sarah Brightman
  • River Flows In You – Yiruma
  • Kiss the Rain – Yiruma
  • 12 Dancing Princesses Theme – Arnie Roth
  • Le Cheshire Cat – Nolwenn Leroy
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream – Felix Mendelssohn
  • The Italian Symphony – Felix Mendelssohn
  • The Scottish Symphony – Felix Mendelssohn
  • Les anges dans nos campagnes – Vox Angeli
  • Let It Be – Vox Angeli
  • Amazing Grace – Vox Angeli
  • Trouver Dans Ma Vie Ta Presence -Vox Angeli
  • Le Merie – Vox Angeli
  • Ecoute Dans Le Vent (Blowing In the Wind) – Vox Angeli
  • Nothing Else Matters – Apocalyptica
  • May It Be – Enya
  • Orinoco Flow – Enya
  • Anywhere Is – Enya
  • Ebudae – Enya
  • Caribbean Blue – Enya
  • The Celts – Enya
  • China Roses – Enya
  • Shepherd Moons – Enya
  • Boadicea – Enya
  • Adiemus – Enya
  • Kingdom Dance (OST from Tangled) – Alan Menken

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